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At Tippy Toes we sell and buy cots, prams, car seats, clothing, toys, bedding, etc

At Tippy Toes we sell and buy cots, prams, car seats, clothing, toys, bedding, etc

How does it work to sell goods to us: 

  1. E-mail Tippy Toes the list of goods that you want to sell and add photo’s of the bigger items. 
  2. Tippy Toes will then make you an offer and let you know when you can bring the items to the shop for payment. 
  3. OR phone Tippy Toes to find out if we will take the items that you have to sell and when you can bring them into the shop for an offer. 
  4. When you have arranged with us to bring the items to the shop, you will need to bring the following with: ID book and bank details (payments will be made within 24hours).
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Please note that it is imperitive that you e-mail or phone Tippy Toes BEFORE bringing the goods to the shop. An arrangement has to be made with the buyer first. Tippy Toes gets lots of inquiries daily, relating to goods to sell and we deal with a lot coming in daily. Tippy Toes can only accommodate a limited amount of goods every day. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and we look forward to being of assistance to you. It is our desire to take the stress and time and effort out of trying to sell it yourself. We know what is realistic in terms of what folk are willing to pay. Therefore we are able to consider both the buyer and the seller and make an appropriate offer to you. 


SMS notification for waiting lists: If we don’t have the specific item that you are looking for then you may leave your details with us and we will notify you via sms as soon as we get them in. Please note that when we let you know, then that does not mean that we are keeping it aside. This is just a service so that you would know about it first. Our waiting list gets very long. Sometimes we send lots of sms’s out daily for different items. It is impossible to keep everything out for those who requested to be on the waiting list. We trust that you will understand and find this in order. 

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We have added extra services to the business, such as cleaning and hiring of cots and prams etc, and we have grown to meet our customer’s needs. 

We make shopping with us a convenience. There is a play area for the little ones so that mommy can look through the shop for bargains. We also have a changing room where moms can feed their babies and change nappies.  

Tippy Toes was established in 2003 and has been under the original ownership and management since inception. We keep our prices very reasonable so that everybody can afford nice baby goods in this economy.

We only stock baby goods that are in very good condition. As we built the business up over the years we focused on stocking a variety of baby goods in order to offer you more to choose from. From a selling perspective we make life easier for you by taking the stress out of selling privately. We have lots of potential buyers. To see how this can work for you go to TO SELL. All the items that come into the shop go through a cleaning process and check point before they are priced for sale.